7 Card Stud Poker Rules
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The game of 7 Card Stud can be played with two to eight players at a table. The goal in Stud is the same as any other poker variation: win as many chips as you can, one pot at a time.Stud has a lot of little rules and a few quirks, but it's a simple game at its core. The game can be broken up into four sections: Setup, The Bring, Betting Rounds and Showdown. The best five-card poker hand wins the pot. In all fixed-limit games, the smaller bet is wagered for the first two betting rounds, and the larger bet is wagered for the last three betting round.
Ante: Before a game of Seven Card Stud begins, all players ante a nominal amount. This is the cost of being dealt into the hand.

Betting Round One (Third Street)The player to the left of the bring is next to act. That player has three options:
  • Fold:They pay nothing to the pot and throw away their hand, waiting for the next deal to play again.
  • Call:They match the amount of the bring.
  • Raise:If the first player made a minimum bring a raise will be completing the bet to the amount of the small bet limit. If the first player completed their bring to the full small bet a raise would be doubling the small bet amount.

  • Betting Round Two (Fourth Street)the first player to act is decided by the value of the show cards. The player with the highest value show cards acts first. The value of show cards are ranked in the same order as poker hands.

    Betting Round Three (Fifth Street)the dealer deals every remaining player another card face up. Once all the cards have been dealt, the betting round starts the same way fourth street started.

    Betting Round Four (Sixth Street)The dealer deals one final card FACE DOWN to every player. The first to act is The player with the highest-ranked show cards in the previous betting round. The final betting round uses the big betting limit.

    ShowdownIn the showdown, each player makes the best five card hand possible out of their own seven cards. The remaining two cards are "dead" and have no value towards the hand at all. They are never used to evaluate the strength of a hand.

    5 Card Stud Poker Rules
    betting rules review RULES
    Five-card stud is the earliest form of the card game stud poker, originating during the American Civil War. It has relatively straightforward poker rules, and it is played in a very similar way to Seven Card Stud. There are several betting rounds which are also known as streets, from 2nd street to 5th street. The following guide describes the poker rules for a Fixed Limit Five Card Stud hand.
    Playing 5 Card Srud Poker
    A hand of Five Card Stud begins with all players paying an ante, which is a small forced bet before anyone has received any cards. The ante is normally around 1/3 of the small bet. Once all players have posted an ante, cards are dealt out, starting with the player to the dealers left. Each player being dealt one card face down, followed by one card face up.

    Second Street: The player with the lowest upcard showing must begin the betting with a “bring-in”. This is a forced bet normally equal to around 1/3 to 1/2 of the small bet. If there is no bring-in, then the first betting round begins with the player showing the highest-ranking upcard, who may check.
    Third Street:This time, betting begins with the player whose upcards show the highest hand, and he has the option to check or bet. A check is simply declining the opportunity to bet, and can only be done if there have been no bets so far.
    Fourth Street:Each player receives an additional card face up, and then there is a round of betting. Bets at this stage are of the higher betting limit and again betting begins with the player whose upcards show the highest hand.
    Fifth StreetAll players remaining in the hand should now have five cards – one down, followed by four up. A round of betting identical to 4th street now occurs, and if there are two or more players still in the hand, then there is a showdown.
    ShutdownEach player uses all five cards in their hand to form their final five card poker hand using standard poker rules. The best hand at the showdown wins the pot, and if there are two or more hands of the same value, then the pot is split up into equal parts.

  • Hi Lo
  • The game can be played with low hand values, in which case the best low hand showing starts each betting round instead of the best high hand showing. Also, the highest-ranking card must pay the bring-in if it is played with a bring-in. At the end of all betting rounds, the total pot is split into two.
  • Soko
  • Canadian Stud/Scandinavian Stud/Soko is almost identical to the traditional format. The difference is in the introduction of two new hands into the hand ranking.
  • Two Down, Three up/2-3
  • Instead of dealing the players one hole card and one upcard, in this variant the players are dealt two hole cards.
  • Three Down, Two Up/3-2
  • Is like the upper one. As a result of the high number of cards dealt initially, this variant only has 3 rounds of betting and is thus best played with no limit or pot limit betting structure.
  • One Down, Three Up, One Down/1-3-1
  • This variant differs from traditional five-card stud only in the way the final card is dealt.
  • Mexican stud/Stud Loco
  • In this Stud the player chooses which cards to show and which to keep hidden.
  • Shifting sands
  • The player's hole card, and all cards of that rank, are considered wild cards for that player only.
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